Bear Paw Designs Western Furniture

Project Background

Furniture brochure for Bear Paw Designs in Stevensville, Montana. Mike Roths is a fellow artist and an extraordinary woodworking craftsman. Bear Paw Designs is the avenue through which his creations come to life. Mike called us when he wanted to build his brand image. He wanted to establish a professional logo and create some marketing materials. We obliged. The whole thing came together when we found out where his name came from. This from his website:

Roths was raised on a farm in central Iowa. Always having been intrigued by bears, he decided while a junior in high school to carve out bear tracks from basswood and have a little fun. Fastening the bear tracks to his boots and with the help of his later to be wife Jo, they set out to create tracks in a wooded area north of Vinton, Iowa, where fishermen commonly frequented. Wanting to just get a reaction from the local fishermen with the bear tracks in the sand, they found their tracks on TV, radio and front page of the local paper. Experts were called in to study the tracks and to create plaster castings. Bears are not found in Iowa and created quite a stir. Hence, the Bear Paw name was created. To this day, Mike is known as “Bear Paw” in his hometown.

So with that in mind, we set out to work on designs for his logo, brochure, website and several print ads for Cowboys & Indians magazine. The goal was simple—make everything reflect Mike’s work and values. Mission accomplished. High-end graphic design for a high-end furniture builder. It’s easy with stunningly creative art and Western furniture. Mike’s work is so good that it has been exhibited at the Western Design Conference in Cody, Wyoming since 2003. He was also honored to receive the Switchback Ranch Purchase Award. His winning piece is now on permanent display in the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody.

Bear Paw Designs Western Furniture
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