I have written and illustrated a few books for my kids over the past few years. My only goal is to leave a Godly legacy for my children’s children. They are available on


God Made Dirt

Encouraging the creativity of young and old alike, God Made Dirt is a rollicking free verse poem that puts dirt in perspective—God’s perspective. If you have ever tried to explain the scope of God’s creation to a child, you will appreciate this book. From the smallest grain of dirt to the most complex organism on Earth, God Made Dirt will help open the floodgate of wonder and amazement toward the God of the Bible who orchestrates it all.


The Thirsty Dragon

The Thirsty Dragon is a Christian Kids’ Book. Don’t let your dragon hang out with the wrong dinosaurs. With creative bold artwork and melodic rhyming text, the author and illustrator of God Made Dirt tells a tale of peer pressure and obedience full of humor, humility, and love. Every child is bound to feel peer pressure at some point—at home, school, or even church. Before they do, take a walk with Zagon, the little orange dragon as he learns some valuable life lessons and good character traits. Use this story to explain healthy relationships and forgiveness to your kids, pointing them to the God of the Bible and His forgiveness. May God bless you and your kids as you read it together.


Angel and the Christmas Tree

Angel is an average kid who loves Christmas traditions—especially trees and presents. But his greedy consumer-driven attitude is changed forever when a saint gives him an extraordinary gift. Join Angel as he discovers grace, forgiveness, and the true meaning of Christmas.


Crownless: Hope for a Dying Kingdom

In a kingdom of darkness where everyone is blind, a young girl named Hope is suddenly awoken by a great light. The great light is the King who created the kingdom. He calls her out of the darkness and gives her sight, a weapon of great power, and a task. Her task is to defeat the King’s ancient enemy. Scared and alone she starts out on her quest, but along the way, learns about the true meaning of faith, friendship, and sacrifice.

City on a Hill: Bite Sized Character Sketches Inspired by the Protestant Reformation Book

City on a Hill: Bite-Sized Character Sketches Inspired by the Protestant Reformation.

A candid collection of one-page biographies from Christian church history and the Protestant Reformation. Learn about the individuals who sacrificed everything to know, teach, and preserve the Bible. Through study, translation, and preaching, they provided a clarifying light to the Holy Scriptures, like a city on a hill, unlocking the truth of the gospel for ages to come. These sketches are for your inspiration, education, and encouragement. Be blessed.