Brand Rejuvenation: Case Study

Chicks n Chaps is a national women’s rodeo clinic that raises funding and awareness for breast cancer victims and their families. At their events, participants are initiated into the world of rodeo through roping and riding experiences accompanied by experienced cowhands.

In 2010, Doodl ventured into a brand rejuvenation project with Chicks n Chaps. As their events started gaining traction, they wisely realized that they needed a brand image that competed in the larger market. As you can see, their original logo is in line with what most startups do—they created their own logo in Microsoft Paint or a similar program. This is fine if you’re not interested in building a professional image.

Thankfully, the folks over at Chicks n Chaps knew what a professional logo design could do for their events, their marketing, and their brand.

Our Design Process intentionally calculates creative exploration as the bulk of our service. This is where hundreds of ideas are created, critiqued, and filtered for our presentation, where a handful of the best ideas are pitched. Here are a few of the ideas that we pitched to Chicks n Chaps as well as the evolution of the final direction.

We tried to simplify the graphics and increase the contrast to make a logo that is easy to read as well as easily identifiable whether it is on a jacket, a television commercial, or a billboard. The final result was more of a logotype with a heavy focus on the typography, making the word ‘chaps’ into a rope and having that hook through the pink ribbon that balances with the ‘n’. Overall it is a much more professional and better solution than the original, proving that logo rejuvenation is a viable option for any company, business, or product.

We love logo design, but our true love is branding. Let’s turn your business into a brand. Call us today to see how we can help.