Chicks n Chaps

Chicks n Chaps Logo Design

Chicks n Chaps holds women’s rodeo clinics and fundraisers all over the United States. They educate women about the sport of rodeo and the western lifestyle for the benefit of breast cancer victims. The proceeds go to local women impacted by the financial, physical, and emotional burdens of breast cancer.

They asked us to create a new logo. It is a simplification and clarification of their old logo. Their old logo was an unreadable font with a child-like rendering of western clip art. From there sprouted a professional design that gives the organization credibility. It is teamed with website design and brochure design to start a new era of branding.

Chicks n Chaps  Brochure Design Cover
Chicks n Chaps Brochure Design Guts
Chicks n Chaps
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