Children’s Dentistry of the Rockies

Children's Dentistry of the Rockies Smile Logo Design

Project Background:

When hired to build the Children’s Dentistry of the Rockies website we evaluated their web presence. But we didn’t stop there. We also evaluated their overall marketing position. That research revealed a simple solution to a better brand. First, we created a more focused secondary brand mark that combines the current logo with their brand position. They have a very long name. Our goal is always to simplify and build something memorable. After several tagline ideas, we settled on the one word that defined their brand—smile. This is now their brand positioning statement. It is their tagline. And it is their secondary logo mark. In the end, we created a logo, a website, a brochure, and some trade show booth graphics that reflect the overall identity.

Success Metrics:

The website is producing great results along with the launch of the new logo. With only a year of use and the other marketing measures that have been taken, the office is busy and happy with the results.

Children’s Dentistry of the Rockies
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