Grizzly Bear Face Artwork

Grizzly Bear Face Illustration

I’ve seen tons of these paisley animal designs all over the internet. They are all pretty generic. So, I thought it would be fun to incorporate some story elements into the artwork. I wanted to create some sort of hidden narrative that is more than just a bunch of lines. There’s nothing wrong with pretty. In fact, that’s why I do what I do—to make the world more beautiful. But I’m also a thinking man and enjoy a good Where’s Waldo book. Put those ingredients together and you get Grizzly Bear, Story Art.


This is my first public video where you can watch a time-lapse of me drawing. I’ve never liked people watching over my shoulder when I work. This is a compromise. I still had sweat beading up on my brow as I made mistakes and knew people would see it. It is a scary and dangerous thing to put your life on the internet for people to watch and critique. But it is also an opportunity to be transparent and show the world a snippet of my actual process. I’m human. I make mistakes. But I also like the process of making something beautiful. So here is a 6-7 hour project compressed into about 8 minutes with the good the bad and the beautiful.

Grizzly Bear Face Artwork
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