The Thirsty Dragon

The Thirsty Dragon Kevin L Piazza

Don’t Let Your Dragon Hang Out With The Wrong Dinosaurs

It’s official! The Thirsty Dragon is now available now on Amazon.

With creative bold artwork and melodic rhyming text, the author and illustrator of God Made Dirt tells a tale of peer pressure and obedience full of humor, humility, and love.

Every child is bound to feel peer pressure at some point—at home, school, or even church. Before they do, take a walk with Zagon, the little orange dragon, as he learns some valuable life lessons and good character traits. Use this story to explain healthy relationships and forgiveness to your kids, pointing them to the God of the Bible and His forgiveness. May God bless you and your kids as you read it together.

  • Makes a great Christmas, Easter, or birthday gift.
  • It creates a conversation about peer pressure, obedience, and forgiveness in a style that children can understand.
  • Suggested for children 4-8 years old. Appropriate for all ages.
  • Available on Kindle and paperback.

Here’s a time-lapse sneak peek at one of the illustration sketches, done the old fashioned way, with pencil and paper.

Don’t Forget: God Made Dirt

Don’t forget my first kids’ book God Made Dirt. A Christian kids’ book about creation. It is a rollicking free-verse poem that grows and grows from the most basic, to the most complex things on earth. Perfect for ages 0-5. Makes a great gift.

God Made Dirt by Doodl Book Design

The Thirsty Dragon
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