Little House of Smiles Children’s Dentistry

Little House of Smiles Children's Dentistry Los Angeles California Logo Design

Project Background:

Little House of Smiles is a Children’s Dentistry in Fontana, California just outside of Los Angeles. They said that they really like another children’s dentistry logo and website that we had designed and developed. So, they called us to help them build their new website. It turns out that they were actually looking to rebrand their entire office. So when they found out that we are a full-service graphic design studio, one thing lead to another and we created an entirely new branding campaign for them starting with the logo design. Along with the logo, we developed some reusable character illustrations that can be used on tee shirts and wallpaper. The website design and development were the final pieces of the puzzle which include some minor animations. The dentistry office is extremely happy with their new brand and even had the characters produced as lifesize 3D office decor.

Little House of Smiles Children's Dentistry Website Design Development

Success Metrics:

As of now, the overall reaction to the new branding campaign is amazing. Patients are taking their pictures with the characters. The website is generating double the traffic. The logo is receiving numerous positive comments.

What We Would Have Done Differently:

It’s hard to say what we would have done differently on the design side. This is by far one of the easiest clients and one of the best results we’ve ever had. So the only thing that isn’t openly seen is the budget. That is the one area that we underestimated the amount of work. While it isn’t significant, and the project is a great success, we still like to know that we’re getting paid for the work that we do at the end of the day. This brand will certainly increase the Little House of Smiles revenue.

Work Produced:

Dentistry Logo Design, Character Illustrations, Website Design & Development, Stationery Design, Wallpaper Design, and Tee Shirt Design.

Little House of Smiles Children’s Dentistry

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