The Living Room Furniture

The Living Room Furniture Logo Mark Design

Project Background:

The Living Room Furniture hired Doodl to build a new brand for their stores in both Missoula and Kalispell. We started by simplifying the basic idea of the Furniture logo. We wanted something that would speak to the middle class. We wanted something that was fresh and fun. So, we settled on the most flexible and funnest of all furniture as the symbol of their brand—the pillow. No matter what room you’re in the pillow is the splash of life. It is the back support, the booster seat, and the baseball bat. Other projects included street signs, billboards, and vehicle wraps.

Success Metrics:

The success of the rebrand efforts will be re-evaluated in the coming months, but for now, it appears to be a resurrection from a stiff-nosed, high-end specialty store, to a more friendly, economical choice for high-end furniture. Our test segment enjoyed the friendlier look and brighter, cleaner colors of this furniture logo.

What We Would Have Done Differently:

There are always restrictions when building a brand. In this case, the budget was the culprit. This was a down and dirty job that didn’t offer deep research or expandable promotions. Though the outcome was great, we always wish there were more time and budget to do something spectacular.

The Living Room Furniture Outdoor Sign
The Living Room Furniture Outdoor Billboard Design
The Living Room Furniture Truck Wrap
The Living Room Furniture
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