Montana Folk Festival

Montana Folk Festival Poster 2019 Cover

A visual history through event posters.

2019 was the 10th anniversary of working with Mainstreet Uptown Butte and the Montana Folk Festival. Ya know what they call that? They call that a decade—a long time. Though it seems like just yesterday that I was cutting teeth on the National Folk Festival, it is amazing where the locally owned and operated Montana Folk Festival has come.

It is a lovely event through and through. From the amazing Original stage, which is constructed out of the Original mining headframe in Uptown Butte, to the timeless music the fun and memories really pile up. I’m a big fan of the interactive talks and demonstrations throughout the weekend, as well as the fun stuff for kids. And, even though I don’t dance, it’s a real hoot to sit and listen to great music while watching people cut a rug at the dance pavilion.

My family and I have only missed one year due to the birth of my son. But we hope to see the Festival thrive and continue for many years to come so that we can build a tradition for our kid’s kids and beyond.

If you haven’t been, you really should treat yourself to one of the finest free outdoor music festivals in the Northwest.

Project background.

If you have looked at my portfolio in any detail, you will see a theme in the Folk Festival posters and brochures. There’s really nothing new in the content, but there is always a fresh design style. In general, we like to pick a “hero” photo from the previous year as the main eye-catching image to draw attention to the date and location of the festival. Then, there is always a place for supporting info and graphics as well as a footer area where sponsors get their due on the smaller window-sized promotional posters.

The festival brings in over 150,000 people each year at an estimated $35 million in revenue to the state of Montana. I find that pretty impressive. Other projects that I create for the festival each year include the official website, brochure, program guide, pocket schedule, signs, banners, and miscellaneous other projects here and there, like curating the festival app content on Eventbase.

Montana Folk Festival
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