Pricing for graphic design services

Finally, a design agency with nothing to hide. Our transparent and honest pricing explanation.

1) Flat-Rate Packages

For those who like opening presents and those who might have a more strict budget, flat-rate packages offer a predefined process and guaranteed final price. No questions asked. Call for a list of existing packages or to build a custom package.

2) Retainer

No. It’s not what you wore on your teeth in Jr. High. This is a monthly payment schedule for a pre-determined amount of work to be spread out over a specified amount of time. Kind of like credit except we’re not a bank. Most retainers are for one year and are renewable. This is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a graphic design expert to fulfill their in-house marketing, design, and illustration needs.

3) Hourly Pricing – $100 / hour

First, we are not a design chop-shop. We guarantee high-end professional-grade design and illustration work. We work smarter and faster so our final costs are comparable to those who charge less but eat up your budget with slower processes. This option is the most common choice for one-time or special-needs projects and can fit within any budget. All projects start with a free estimate. Final invoices are based on actual hours worked. All terms and conditions apply.

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