Doodl A Process

We have always said that graphic design is an investment in value. By adding value to your business communications we are really building your brand for the long haul. In the end, that branding creates new customers and/or employees who buy into your culture and ultimately increases your bottom line.

Key Factors To Consider

  1. Who you are. What should your message be?
  2. Your competition. Direct or indirect?
  3. Demographics. Sex, Age, Income, Location, Lifestyle.
  4. The Project Itself. What do you want people to do?
  5. Are there complementary projects? Website, Print, Outdoor, Media.
  6. Deadlines. Best and worst-case scenario.
  7. Budgets. Supplying a budget does not change the process. But it is a quick and easy way to determine if we’re compatible.
  8. Potential. Setting a goal for return on investment (ROI).

The Doodl Process

Doodl Project Process

Once your project has been defined, we will provide an official estimate with an overview of the work to be completed and the terms of our agreement. Upon approval and small down payment, we will commence building the strategy that will add the most value to your brand.

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