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Theopolis Institute Logo Mark

The Theopolis Institute logo design was the first step in the overall branding project. This logo has deep meaning and cultural significance (see below). It is the flag star by which the school and ministry are now defined.  Theopolis is primarily the works of Peter Leithart. He is a Christian theologian and author who offers seminary classes through the institute. He had us build their Brand through the institute logo design, stationery design, website design, website development, and an email marketing template design.

Theopolis Institute Logo Design

The Theopolis Institute Website is a continuation of the overall branding project. This website’s main function is as a blog, with dynamic content and a simple shopping cart. Theopolis is primarily the works of Peter Leithart. He had us build their Brand through Logo Design, Stationery Design, Website Design, Website Development, and an Email Marketing Template Design.

Theopolis Institute Website Design Development

Our elegant new logo, designed by Doodl Creative Studio (formerly Crevin), symbolizes our goals in visual form. With its curved horizontal lines, our logo represents the horizon of the future that God constantly makes new. At Theopolis, we live out of the Christian tradition, not to find a safe haven in the past but to respond creatively and faithfully to a future we cannot anticipate or control.

The logo is a badge of our mission. At the top, it shows a city-scape, resting on the firmament – the heavenly city of God. But the city is reflected below the horizon, the image of God’s city on earth. Shifting perspective, the city-scape stands at the edge of a sea, its skyline reflected in the sea of nations below.

The logo forms a T for Theopolis. It is a cross that stretches between heaven to earth and from one end of the horizon to the other, signifying our desire to see the world filled with cruciform churches that give birth to a cruciform cosmos. It is a cross that embraces all reality. We do our work in the hope that the Lord will use us to make His world more and more theopolitan.

Theopolis Institute
Theopolis Institute
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