Michelle’s Custom Taxidermy

Michelle’s Custom Taxidermy hired Doodl to create a bold, yet elegant identity for their local Montana taxidermy business. In a vast wilderness of outdoorsmen and sport hunting, naturally, a taxidermist in Montana is a good business to be in. But creating separation from other taxidermists is not always easy. In an attempt to give people […]

Bigfoot Sasquatch Boombox

Project Background Digital pencil illustration. The mysterious sightings of the great Northwestern sasquatch inspire wonder and awe. Well, now you can stop wondering. It’s true, the bigfoot owns a big boombox and is jamming out to Thriller and Like A Prayer. A fun illustration for anyone who likes to laugh and enjoys seeing something new.

Grizzly Bear Face Artwork

I’ve seen tons of these paisley animal designs all over the internet. They are all pretty generic. So, I thought it would be fun to incorporate some story elements into the artwork. I wanted to create some sort of hidden narrative that is more than just a bunch of lines. There’s nothing wrong with pretty. In […]

Little House of Smiles Children’s Dentistry

Project Background: Little House of Smiles is a Children’s Dentistry in Fontana, California just outside of Los Angeles. They said that they really like another children’s dentistry logo and website that we had designed and developed. So, they called us to help them build their new website. It turns out that they were actually looking to […]

The Living Room Furniture

Project Background: The Living Room Furniture hired Doodl to build a new brand for their stores in both Missoula and Kalispell. We started by simplifying the basic idea of the Furniture logo. We wanted something that would speak to the middle class. We wanted something that was fresh and fun. So, we settled on the most flexible and funnest of all […]

Bitterroot Valley Homeschool

Project Background: This was a personal pro-bono project for the Bitterroot Valley Homeschool group in Montana. The group contacted me about designing their graduation program. That was easy enough, but without some sort of identity, there was really no direction. Each young adult that was graduating had their own sense of style making the essential message […]

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