Our Design Process

We have always said that graphic design is an investment in value. By adding value to your business communications we are really building your brand for the long haul. That branding creates new customers and/or employees who buy into your culture and ultimately increases your bottom line.

This is how a typical project works.

< 1 >

Project Brief. The first step in building your brand is defining who you are and where you want to be. We can do this via video chat, phone, or email.

< 2 >

Estimate / Contract. Once that is defined, we will provide an official estimate with an overview of the work to be completed and the terms of the agreement.

< 3 >

Down Payment. Upon approval of the estimate, we require a small down payment to commence building your brand. This shows commitment to the project and will be deducted from the final invoice.

< 4 >

Research & Design. We take all the information you have supplied and get nerdy with research and sketching ideas. Sketching is this thing that we do with a pencil and paper. Once we have a few solid ideas, we digitize them for presentation.

< 5 >

Presentation. Presentations can be in-person, via video chat, or by email. At this point, we are looking to pick a direction and massage it into the original definition that was established in the project brief (#1).

< 6 >

Feedback / Revise As Needed. We have found in our many years of experience, that taking some time with the presentation generally produces better feedback. We encourage you to take as much time as needed to narrow in on what you like. Once your feedback is received, we return to step #4 and work toward a second presentation. Most projects have three rounds of feedback.

< 7 >

Sign-Off & Final Payment. Once you are satisfied with the project and it has been approved by the proper channels we will invoice you for the balance of the project according to the estimate.

< 8 >

Delivery. Once the final payment is received we will provide all final files for the project for you to use as you see fit. You might even end up on our Christmas card list.