Grizzly Bear Face Artwork

I’ve seen tons of these paisley animal designs all over the internet. They are all pretty generic. So, I thought it would be fun to incorporate some story elements into the artwork. I wanted to create some sort of hidden narrative that is more than just a bunch of lines. There’s nothing wrong with pretty. In […]

National Affordable Housing Network Logo

In the words of National Affordable Housing Network: The Network assists households in need to reach the dream of homeownership through education and construction of high-performance homes, particularly by self-help family teams. The Network conducts demonstration projects and programs to assist its home area of Southwest Montana while providing technical assistance and educational house plans illustrating […]

Value is Created by Professional Design

Graphic Design is an investment in value. First of all, Graphic Design is an investment in innovative thinking. It is positioning a brand by communicating its values. It is creating competitive advantages, customer trust and loyalty, and expanding market share. The modern business environment is changing rapidly. Competition is increasing and businesses need solutions to stay […]

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