• Plan For Future Success

    Plan For Future Success

    Every year I reevaluate my business. Not because it needs change, but because it needs to be reminded of what the goal has always been. The simple answer is, “help businesses succeed.” The more complex answer is, “help businesses define success.” It’s never the same for any business. It amazes me how every business is…

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  • Professional Designers Transcend The Industry

    Professional Designers Transcend The Industry

    Call them experts. Call them genius. Just make sure you call them. Clients who trust a professional to work on their car, or perform surgery, should no less trust professional designers. Gain the full advantage of a designer’s talents and processes to help your business thrive in a competitive marketplace. From putting your name on…

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  • Value is Created by Professional Design

    Value is Created by Professional Design

    Graphic Design is an investment in value. First of all, Graphic Design is an investment in innovative thinking. It is positioning a brand by communicating its values. It is creating competitive advantages, customer trust and loyalty, and expanding market share. The modern business environment is changing rapidly. Competition is increasing and businesses need solutions to stay…

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  • The Art of Product Branding

    The Art of Product Branding

    True product branding is an art. Over the last hundred years, the art of branding has shifted from announcing that a product or service existed to becoming a culture shaped by that product or service. First, let us remember a simple definition of branding is: what you stand for. How does the public view you? What…

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  • Color Theory & Psychology

    Color Theory & Psychology

    Whether you realize it or not, the colors of your brand influence people. From the ever-recognizable red of Coca-Cola to the bright blue of Ford, the way we perceive and react to color affects us in a multitude of ways. The culmination of these things is called color theory. Color theory is more important than you…

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  • Creating Buy-In With Your Brand

    Creating Buy-In With Your Brand

    Last time, we considered “what” your brand is, and decided on a simplified answer—what you stand for, how you are perceived by the public, and what ideas are held in an individual’s mind about your business. Now let’s consider “why” your brand matters and “who” it matters to. If the simple definition we have settled on…

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  • Understand Your Brand Marketing

    Understand Your Brand Marketing

    In the world of brand marketing, things are so simple that they often become hard. Doodl is always here to help, and in the spirit of helping, we would like to offer a quick way to understand your brand. A clear definition is helpful: YOUR BRAND IS What you stand for, how you are perceived by…

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  • The Promotion Experts

    The Promotion Experts

    Running a business in today’s marketplace is far more demanding than it was 10 or 20 years ago with all the new technology and different forms of competition springing up. Thankfully, some things are still the same, like your commitment to customer satisfaction, client relationships, and the four Ps of marketing. Today we’re talking promotion.…

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  • I Started A Design Business

    I Started A Design Business

    Seems like a lifetime ago that I started doing art and design professionally at DesignSight in Seattle, Washington. The year was 1997 but I had already wet my whistle with several freelance projects by then. Then one day, I walked into an interview with my Ross dress shirt and crooked tie. A couple of gentlemen…

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