Understand Your Brand Marketing Cover

Understand Your Brand Marketing

In the world of brand marketing, things are so simple that they often become hard. Doodl is always here to help, and in the spirit of helping, we would like to offer a quick way to understand your brand.

A clear definition is helpful:

YOUR BRAND IS What you stand for, how you are perceived by the public, and what ideas are held in an individual’s mind about your business.

You can influence your brand perception through three core areas:

WHAT YOU DO: (Hard Characteristics) Strategy, services, fees, reputation, market position, size, turnover.

HOW YOU DO IT: (Soft Characteristics) Service philosophy or managing the client experience, personality of partners, personality of the staff.

WHAT YOU SAY: (Overall Character) Tone and style of communication, corporate Identity, and image, marketing and collateral, public relations, physical environment/offices. This would be your brand marketing. Another way to say it is taking your brand to the streets.  Getting the message out about what you do, how you do it, and what you say.

Find out how Doodl can help you say what you mean and build a better brand.