ROI Return On Investment Doodl Creative Cover

1805% Return on Investment?

That’s right. It’s not a typo. From 2007 to 2014 Doodl Creative Studio (formerly Crevin Advertising) was on retainer with Gateway Community Credit Union in Missoula, Montana. We built a trusted, more desirable brand through creative print primarily, but also through TV and radio advertising. In that time their assets increased from $40 million to $60 million on a conservative budget of $150,000 per year. That’s an 1805% return on investment. Proof that great design and creative marketing make a difference.

Doodl’s creativity and marketing knowledge played an important role in Gateway Community Credit Union’s growth from $40 million to $60 million in assets. I highly recommend them for your marketing needs.

Jim Jacobson, President, Gateway Community Credit Union

Building a brand.

When we first started working with Gateway, everything they did was different. Our main objective and goal were to create some sort of consistency. Their logo had been around long enough to build off of, but there were at least three versions floating around. Sometimes it was metallic ink. Other times it had a drop shadow. Still, other times it was a different font altogether. After creating a single logo for use in all applications, we built on to the brand through print, radio, and TV, creating a clearer message to their two primary demographics—45-65+-year-olds and millennials, 18-24.

Mobile Banking:

Gateway has been a trusted Credit Union in Missoula for a long time.

Their main clientele has been the blue-collar working class. We helped them break into the white-color world and even into the millennial generation. Using high-quality stock images instead of crummy, low-budget local productions, we were able to build the brand image around a more professional image. Furthermore, one that speaks better to their target. This not only added value to their image, it literally added to their return on investment. They started to have a more professional image on one hand, and a more fun and vibrant image on the other, drawing both the professional workers and the youthful millennials. Right on target.

Money, Money:

Finally, because of their growth, Gateway merged with a larger credit union and we’ve parted ways. Lucky for you, though, we are in the “agency for hire” category and if you think your business can handle growth like this, give us a call to see what we can do for you.


Corporate Brochure For New Members.

Tradition deserves tradition. A high-end brochure for new members was a reminder that the bank is stable and growing. Playing with numbers all day can be tedious, so we resorted to our childhood and had fun with numbers and included a free calculator. Entering the number 07734 held upsidedown displays the word ‘hello’. The rest of the brochure provided statistics on why Gateway is so great. This project was polished off with spot varnish and a dull varnish to make the graphics pop off the page. These photos really don’t do it justice.


Print Advertising in the University of Montana Sports Programs.

There were many ads created for local newspapers and inserts, but these were made specifically targeting students at the University of Montana in the sports programs. Concepting, creative direction, copywriting, art direction, and production are what we do every day.