What is Graphic Design?

Technically Speaking Graphic design is the process of exploring and implementing solutions to visual communications problems. Graphic designers use both design and production elements—including color theory, typography, illustration, photography, animation, printing processes, raw materials, and programming techniques—to organize ideas visually that convey a desired impact and message. In addition to exercising aesthetic judgment and project […]

Montana Folk Festival Branding

Project Background We created the first festival branding with the National Folk Festival from 2008-2010. The work continues with the locally owned Montana Folk Festival in Butte, Montana. We have designed the marketing materials every year of the festival. From print projects and website design, fostering the brand has become the focus. The goal is […]

Value is Created by Professional Design

Graphic Design is an investment in value. First of all, Graphic Design is an investment in innovative thinking. It is positioning a brand by communicating its values. It is creating competitive advantages, customer trust and loyalty, and expanding market share. The modern business environment is changing rapidly. Competition is increasing and businesses need solutions to stay […]

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