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What is Graphic Design?

Technically Speaking

Graphic design is the process of exploring and implementing solutions to visual communications problems. Graphic designers use both design and production elements—including color theory, typography, illustration, photography, animation, printing processes, raw materials, and programming techniques—to organize ideas visually that convey a desired impact and message. In addition to exercising aesthetic judgment and project management skills, the professional graphic designer is experienced in evaluating and developing effective communication and branding strategies that enhance a client’s image, service, or product.

Design is thinking made visual.

Saul Bass

In The Vernacular

In our own words, another way to say it would be that graphic design is visually appealing information with a purpose. There are plenty of folks and even businesses out there that claim to be graphic designers. But are they?

NEWS FLASH: Just because you have a computer doesn’t make you a graphic designer. Just because there are free website builders and logo builders out there doesn’t mean that they live up to the definition of what graphic design actually is. Can a free website builder or logo creator work? Sure. But it will never have the same effect or impact as a personally researched, uniquely cultivated, or meticulously crafted project will. One that does will reflect the personality and voice of your business or product and actually get results while building trust. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of other businesses that rely on cookie-cutter designs, opening the door for massive impact when you pursue a professional graphic design that produces visually appealing information with a purpose.

The Real Question

So the real question is, are you cheapening your brand with a free logo or website builder? Or, are you working with a professional designer who can help you separate your business or product from the “cookie-cutter” crowd? Doodl Creative Studio has been helping businesses succeed since 1997 and we’d be happy to help you define your brand and build a strategy for future success. Whether you just need an identity update or a full-blown brand campaign, we’ve been down that road many times and can help. Give us a call.