• Understand Your Brand Marketing

    Understand Your Brand Marketing

    In the world of brand marketing, things are so simple that they often become hard. Doodl is always here to help, and in the spirit of helping, we would like to offer a quick way to understand your brand. A clear definition is helpful: YOUR BRAND IS What you stand for, how you are perceived by…

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  • The Promotion Experts

    The Promotion Experts

    Running a business in today’s marketplace is far more demanding than it was 10 or 20 years ago with all the new technology and different forms of competition springing up. Thankfully, some things are still the same, like your commitment to customer satisfaction, client relationships, and the four Ps of marketing. Today we’re talking promotion.…

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  • I Started A Design Business

    I Started A Design Business

    Seems like a lifetime ago that I started doing art and design professionally at DesignSight in Seattle, Washington. The year was 1997 but I had already wet my whistle with several freelance projects by then. Then one day, I walked into an interview with my Ross dress shirt and crooked tie. A couple of gentlemen…

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